So it’s time to leave for the south of France and I sepnt most of my night glued to the TV watching the stupidity of the riots unravel. I mean honestly, do these “youts” even know what they are doing and where the hell are the parents?! Now I never thought I would be saying something like that before my 30th birthday, but these kids are out of control.

Destruction of your environment is not going to make any situation better, they are just going to end up paying for the damage if they ever do get a job! I just felt I had to write something, as I’m on the coach, I pass this sight!

This is not the result of a disaster, but a product of our society. It’s definitely a sad thing to see something like this. The Sony warehouse had been burning all through the night and didn’t look like it was giving up anytime soon! I hope this is sorted out quickly as there are more important things going on in the world, if not, somebody pick me up a TV please!