Occasionally it so happens that when owning a car you need to do some simple alterations, filling up oil, water, washer fluid. This time it was a headlight bulb that had gone out. Now, not afraid of a bit of DIY, I undertook the task of opening up the bonnet of my car and removing the blown out bulb, not really a difficult task for anyone, its just like changing a light bulb, if the bulb is cased inside four wheels and a metal exterior.

Whilst having my head in the engine area, trying to see where my hand was going I hear a voice from above me (no, it wasn’t that of God!). I look up as I hear the word “Brother?” in Punjabi. There in front of me was an older “gentleman” probably older than my Dad, to whom I would refer to as Uncle calling me by a term normally used by those younger than me. Nevertheless he continued to ask me “I have a PEEJUT” (that’s Peuguot in an Indian accent) “3-0-6, blue colour, automactic, 2006, it is not starting properly, do you know whats wrong?”

Now, I’m by far a mechanic, but surely the most talented mechanic out there must have to at least look over the car once to determine the problem with this error in starting the car?! “Erm, no uncle, I don’t really know anything about cars”

He continued “I took it to the garage and they looking it me, but you know what the problem is?”

“No uncle, I’ve got no idea about cars, I’m just changing the bulb”

He proceeded to walk away quietly without another word. Disappointed that this Indian boy knew nothing about the mechanics of his pristine “PEE-JUT”, I was devastated that I could not provide technical support to this man whilst doing maintenance to my vehicle, I never knew it could be mistaken for mechanics, like i was living the cartoon attached.