My bi-weekly tank fill up came about yesterday so off I went to Tesco (cos it’s the cheapest in my area) to fill up on the ol’ Diesel. Now bear in mind, Diesel lasts a lot longer than unleaded petrol, well at least it used to! £60 to fill up my tank and still the nozzle was not clicking off, instead the tank was crying “where’s the rest??! Gimme more!”

Gone are the days where £45 use to fill up my tank and last me at least 2 weeks! I’m weeping! I even had that 5p off voucher that Tesco give away, hardly even made a dent in the price. So what do I do now?! I’m thinking about getting my hands on a G-Whizz, yessir! Cos that’ll get the girls going! “YO, wha you sayin… wanna take a ride in my G-Whizz, we can go back to ma parents place!” (If you don’t know what a G-Whizz looks like, feast your eyes on the beauty below!).


Anyway, I do think that if we were all to purchase one of these “fabulous” cars, then we could, at some point make it look cool, but I do need enough of you to want to do this! Sick of paying out too much for petrol/diesel, then lets all go electric, what do you say?! Sign up below!