So the weekend rolled around and it was time to catch up with a good friend rather than out to a gig, yes I do civilian deeds too!

We had decided to go to a new place, well, new to us and really I suggested it! Indian, Italian, Thai and Chinese buffet! What the hell could go wrong?! A lot!

Staines, Jimmy Spices, don’t do it. We walked in and and rather than being shown to a table the “waiter”, who I could only think was here on a working visa, or simply a student exchange program, pointed at a table halfheartedly like he couldn’t lift his arm. We sat down and it immediately became obvious that we shouldn’t be there. It took them a while to come and take our drinks order, even though there were many waiters, who all looked like they were in need of a passport. The one serving us couldn’t help but ogle my friend, who is rather an attractive female, as she told me her stalker story, there was another one right there to add to her list!

It’s a buffet concept restaurant, so we got up to get some food (round one, which is as far as it got!). There’s a lot of variety but none of it seemed appetizing, it was like we walked into the end of the night (at 8pm) and were feeling quite uneasy as we stood there thinking “Really?! We can eat that?” It felt just like a badly catered Asian wedding. The number of Asian people in this place I couldn’t believe, I mean, we are fussy with our food, no?!

We got to dessert and really wished we hadn’t, never in my life have I been to a buffet and only had one plate of food and dessert, all for a spiffing, £15 per person! There goes the G-Whizz fund! We left feeling like we should have gone to Nandos, I haven’t had a Nandos all weekend, I’m having withdrawal symptoms.