Another year older today and any more wiser? Hmmmm. I don’t tend to make a big deal about my birthday, not because I’m way past it (I’m still in the prime of my youth at 29)! I would just look to have a quiet one with the people that mean the most I suppose.

I decided to take my birthday off Facebook, for a few reasons. The main reason was that I really didn’t want to keep getting those FB notifications – not being ungrateful and all, but seriously, who enjoys those?! Another reason was that I believe the people who remember my birthday would be enough for me. The alternative reason (and probably my most favourite) was Social Experiment 2.0!

Those of you that are my Facebook friends will know, may remember, or probably forgotten so I’ll remind you, that last year I decided to exact a number of social experiments, some to use as material and others because human reactions intrigue me! So on my birthday last year (my 28th), I welcomed the FB messages from birthday well wishers and it was nice. A month from the date of my birthday I decided to change the displayed birthday just to see what would happen. oh how hilarity ensued! To my surprise, not only did the people that wished me happy birthday a month previously wish me it again, some of them used the exact same message and even worse, I managed to get more response on my fake birthday, than my real!? Social Experiment 1.0!

This year I decided not to display my birthday to see how others on Facebook would follow if one person should message on my wall, how many others would follow suit “assuming” it was my birthday? Well it worked! There were many a people who messaged saying happy birthday, which I appreciate, just the wonderment of whether it was because they knew, or because they followed the leader! Social Experiment 2.0 complete. Stay tuned for more!