So another sold out show for Humili-Asian and suffice to say it went well aside for a few glitches which may have been avoided…

Over the past year I have been privileged enough to have been able to perform in some of London’s top comedy venues and have appreciated every moment of this. As some of you reading this may realise, getting up in front of a room full of strangers and instantly having them on side with your first few words is never the easiest thing to achieve. Some of you may admire this whilst others may not understand the dynamics of it, which is to be expected. Comedy, like art, is always subjective and where comedians appreciate that they are not always everyone’s cup of tea, the audience does play a big part in interactions and enjoyment of the gags..

Humili-Asian has been running for nearly two years now and it’s through the hard work and dedication of the people involved (past and present) that this night has continued successfully thus far. Not forgetting the great audiences that the acts have been able to perform for and the support of the crowds!

Over the last decade and beyond there has been a movement of Asian artists, performers and entertainers that have striven to push boundaries, risk reputation and through shear passion have ultimately brought the Asian culture and style into the forefront of today’s mainstream entertainment to stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the worlds best! Where the journey is not over and these people, and new, will continue to strive, there is always a minority of people that will try to hold things back!

Unfortunately there were some of these, ignorant, selfish and closed minded “Asianz” (I use the term loosely) who were part of the audience of last night’s successful show. It amazes me that these individuals will pay good money to try and ruin another 100 peoples’ night! These are the types of people who give GREAT Asian people a BAD name! Frankly I think at their age (they were over 35 and some were parents!) they should really know better after being beat on by every comedian and not only that, by every other audience member in the room!

Now, I have had some bad nights where my sets have not gone down as well as i hope, which every performer will tell is a natural thing to happen. Even some of the worlds greatest performers have fallen flat on their face (this didn’t happen last night – thanks to god!). This has often lend me to think of what it would be like to have every person in the room physically repulsed by my actions and sear hatred through their eyes at me. Fortunately I can say I haven’t ever experienced it, but I now am aware of a few people who have! No names mentioned, even though I am privy to their home addresses!

I could be cruel and use my basic editing skills to cut together the recordings of said group of “people” (I use the term lightly, since single cell omeobas tend to have more common sense) and ensure that the whole internet community get to know how individuals that clearly do not get out much react to public places. But then what would be the joy in that when you can relish the fact that they may be reading this and not have realised that all their shenanigans had been caught on camera!

Well, i don’t want to give the attention seeking nimrods any more joy. However, I would like to thank everyone who came last night (and to previous shows), enjoyed the night, joined in with the fun and on behalf of the halfwits I’d like to apologise if they disrupted your evening, but let’s face it, they were on a night out from the day care center! Even that is insulting the intelligence of OAPs!

I guess the only true way to describe it is how Katt Williams would “if you don’t have haters, you’re not doing your job properly!” let’s hope that these individuals wake up and feel some kind of remorse and embarrassment! If not, well we now know why most of them were probably single!

Chris Rock put it simply in his words, I’ll put it in mine,