Hello who ever may be reading this!

So I decided to start a blog, I have no idea why, maybe it was peer pressure, maybe it boredom, maybe its a fad, but none the less here I am. I have no idea what this is supposed to be, so apologies to those veteran bloggers who are rolling their eye at me!

So first time doing this and I’m not sure of the blogging etiquette or of what to talk about. This is, I guess an online diary that everyone can read, should they be interested, so should I put something personal in here! Hmmm, first times…. first times?! I know what you’re thinking, i’m going to talk about sex! sadly you will be disappointed!

How bout first time at the gym, cos that was equally as disappointing! You know when you have that expectation that something magical is going to happen and then realise it’s over in a short space of time, you’re out of breath and none the wiser about what just happened. Then it dawns on you “shit i gotta put more work into it!” Then as you get older you’re not going at the same rate as you used and frankly, half the time you can’t be bothered! Yes, I am still talking about the gym!

Well on that note I think i’ll leave it there for my first blog! How often do you do this sort of thing?! Just before I go, since I’m talking about first times, you can check out the video of my first time…. ON STAGE (filthy minds) below.