So I went to a gig last night all the way in east-ish London, I’m not going to name the gig as I do quite like the promoter. Unfortunately every time I seem to be booked for this gig, the audience is either strangely retarded or not there at all. Last night’s gig was no different, other than the fact that there were 5 people there, yes FIVE – the same amount of people in my family!

Needless to say it was a strange occurrence, the room is actually quite nicely set out, with three rows of sofas and a low stage. The people had chosen to sit in the middle row of sofas (like that was going to hide them!). There were two ladies that were foriegn and not really been to a comedy night before (well they said they weren’t sure, so it could’ve been a lecture they attended) and the other two were a “couple” – he looked like he was grooming the girl.

Instead of conventionally standing on stage, I decided to stand on the table directly in front of the two ladies, well if I was going to feel uncomfortable, I was taking them along for the ride. In the end, we made the best we could of the gig, I wouldn’t even put it down as my worst gig, surprisingly.