Yesterday I was at a lovely full gig, seventh on, I waited. The MC even pronounced my name correctly, I went on, did my first joke and BAM! I had the room in my hand for the next 5mins (that’s how long the set was)

I came off to rapturous applause and felt quite good about how I did. Few of the audience came up to shake my hand and miraculously even a couple of ladies.

So as I usually do, I went to thank the promoter for having me on the show (it’s only polite to do so). we got talking and I asked about his other nights and how it’s possible to get on them, he replied “yeh, not with THAT material”
Now, having just stormed the arse out of this gig, I was a little confused and asked for some feed back. “yeh, maybe you should drop the Asian stuff and talk about yourself?”

Oh I’m sorry, The colour on my skin must have been a tan all along, maybe I’m not exfoliating enough. I hadn’t realised I had audiences perturbed as I walked off stage thinking “Why didn’t he address the fact that he’s White?”

It was a strange event, having just done really well but to then get this feed back. Comedians talk about what they know, if you’re Black you talk about it, you got a big nose, a scar, a middle class up bringing, that’s what you address? Considering 90% of the gigs I do are to mixed crowds, it’s how I set myself apart. Maybe I should pretend it’s a costume, go figure.