There are, on occasions, where I have to be up quite early and out the house. I have a two bed place and one of the rooms I use as my “office”, at the moment a dumping ground for my paper work!

So about 7am, yes I know I didn’t even know the sun doesn’t come out that early, I walk into my office trying to look for something. I have no idea what I was looking for now, but it was dark! One of the walls of the office backs onto the corridor, this is a single wall, no cavity. Whilst searching I suddenly hear a loud crashing bang which goes from the top of the ceiling, down “through” that wall and into the ground where I felt the floor vibrate. This all happened within a second or two, but it was almost as if someone or something had thrown down a sack of heavy material which fell through the single wall! Yes through! now I don’t get scared from watching horror movies, but this shit had just got real. I must’ve shed a quarter of my body in perspiration as I walked into the hallway to see what might have fallen. Nothing. Silence.

Sufficed to say, from then on, I’ve been turning the light on before I go into any dark room, but it really doesn’t make me want to put my back up against the wall! Haven’t heard anything again yet, but if I die, you know what got me. And no, the theme tune to Ghostbusters doesn’t start playing in your head, more Exorcist!