Which might be some of the reason I might not make it through to the end of this… … post without having a rest. One of the many “jokes” I’ve heard in the last year of becoming a vegetarian. No, I don’t eat fish or eggs (that’s a pescetarian!). I’ve always wanted to become a vegetarian, not that I was born anything else, I would just get bored of cheese! So the longest I’ve lasted before this last year was about a month and a half.

Friends generally keep asking me, “You still vegetarian?”, which throws me a little as I don’t tend to sit at a dinner table and ask “Are you still eating the flesh of a dead animal after ripping it from its bones and devouring the coagulated blood of the organism?!” – That wouldn’t put me off eating it. I’m vegetarian because I choose to not eat meat, if I can live without it, why not live without it. These days there are plenty of meat replacement products (Quorn is my best friend) and those who say they can’t live without meat are talking a load of bull crap.

A good friend of mine once came over (this was before my Veg affiliation), mother dearest had finished cooking some food so I asked if he wanted some “What’s made?” (him knowing that my mum is a full blown vegetarian) “It’s mince” which convinced him to eat. Half way through the food I asked him if it’s ok “This is some of the best mince I’ve had before, where’s it from?” I replied “Quorn.”

So if a full blown, self confessed carnivore can not tell the difference between Quorn and real mince, what’s the point of the meat?! Now I’m not on some mission to convert everyone into a vege, after all we all have our lifestyle choices and there would be less vegetables for me, I’m just saying to lay off a brother if he goes into Nandos and orders a mushroom and halloumi wrap instead of the carcass of a chicken!



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