I really don’t like taking part in competitions, but unfortunately in comedy it is sometimes a necessary evil! So blindly over the last few months I’ve been applying and competing in quite a few, some random, some big ones where I’ve not got very far (it happens).

Yesterday I took part in Watch This Space Comedy Competition (no idea on how this would turn out). Arriving at the venue, (Geaorge pub on The Strand) I realised I had played at this venue in my first year of comedy. 9 comics (one dropped out) after being chosen from 50 applications, we all got told to pick our spots and after the dust of the other comics had cleared there was the first spot (NO WAY!) and the last spot (could go very badly), so the last it was.

It was a new night, I didn’t bring any friends (I think I have ran out of those), so I waited.  4-5 cans of twitching from nervous energy, I was introduced on stage. Now it was going quite well, crowd was on my side then suddenly I hear the strangest heckle EVER – “Take your hat off!” HUH?! That has got to be the weirdest heckle I have ever received in 4 years of comedy, I’m sure I’ll hear more. What made it worse, it was said by some drunk guy who looked like he has rubbed on too much fake tan – ORANGE. Having dealt with him smoothly and getting a round of applause and cheers from it, I moved on.

So what happened… well looky what I went home with! Ha! After 4 years of comedy, i may just have arrived! Maybe not a national competition, but still, the parents haven’t let go of it since, ah Indian parents, gotta love ’em!