That’s right, first time I’ve ever got one of those! A lot of people I know are beginning to settle down and I totally appreciate the hectic lifestyle we are all living these days. I heard from an ex friend a couple of weeks ago after a year of not speaking, well, not hearing from him. The last conversation we had had was over Facebook which I had instigated. Now, said ex best friend was more than that, we were like brothers and pretty much inseparable (not in a gay way!).

The short version of us not speaking any more was that we just parted ways (I would need to write a whole other blog to explain that!), but he nevertheless, knew my email, was on my Facebook and knew where I lived, having been like furniture in my house for so many years! I may have changed my number a while back but many other ways to contact me.

So a year after speaking to this person I receive a message on Facebook asking if I had changed my number, which I had, so I said yeh, what’s up? Turns out he wanted to invite me to his wedding, which I thought that’s a nice gesture. When was it you may ask? Two weeks away!

Now I’m no wedding planning expert, but wouldn’t you have settled on the number of guests you are going to have at your wedding a considerable amount of time before two weeks?! Maybe when you’re telling the caterer, even when you’re doing the table plan, or how about when you are giving out wedding invitations. I reserved judgement. I gave him my number as he wanted to call me and waited till the weekend. No call. Monday morning I look at my phone and there’s a text…

Now I can appreciate that weddings are very hectic and when you have thousands of family members it gets a little hard to keep track of time, but for the next two weeks I heard nothing, until that is, on the day of the wedding…


I’ve blanked out some details for obvious reasons, but I read that the morning I woke up on the day of the wedding. As you can see from the time stamps, nothing in between. Would you have gone?