Some may love it, others may not and the rest don’t know what it is! If you don’t, I’m ashamed to know you! The Walking Dead is one of those shows I have been following for many an episode. It’s about a zombie apocalypse in America (of course) and its highly addictive (not as addictive as Breaking Bad – excuse the pun!).

I’ve just recently caught up on my viewing. It’s now in its 4th season and low and behold, it has taken this long for them to feature their first character who looks to be of Indian origin. But what’s this – his occupation – DOCTOR! Yes that’s right, apparently according to the writers of the show, over a billion odd Indian people in the world and even after a lot of the population has been eaten by zombies, the one Indian to survive this would be A DOCTOR?! We don’t even get the courtesy to appear as a zombie!

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the show. It’s intense, great writing, awesome characters and has me hooked. But honestly, Indian Doctor?! I mean, even the Korean character is no good at martial arts, electronics and science and he’s called GLENN – surely that’s a Welsh name (which is actually closer to being Indian!)

Hopefully in the future there will be more diversity by these writers, maybe we’ll see a whole Indian family protecting their corner shop, or stocking up their home from Tesco and sitting through a load of pre-recorded Indian soap operas! Looks like “Dr. S” is already going to be killed off anyway, I won’t say how, although it’s likely it won’t involve a high cholesterol diet or acute diabetes(!)

Either way, I’m going back to university for another 5 years to train up in a medical field just so I can ensure my survival when the zombie apocalypse hits us!

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