Ok so the gigs have started to roll in and to kick off 2013, the big gig for January is Luton! Yes that’s right, you heard it! I’ll be joining even more funny people and “rolling down dem endz” on 26th January, next Saturday. Make sure you get those tickets quickly cos we wanna see you! Links below, check out the picture for info too! See ya there and make sure you tell anyone in and around Luton, we coming!


TICKETS: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/204586



4 thoughts on “The one with the gig in Luton

  1. Seema Champaneri 8 years ago

    Hyde, you stole the show last night, during your act I glanced at my husband sitting next to me and he actually had tears rolling down his cheeks from laughing so much. The highlight was the punjabi on DiY SOS!

    Thanks for braving Luton. Please come again soon ; )

    1. Hyde Panaser 8 years ago

      Sorry for the late reply! Thank YOU for having me up there! I’m glad you enjoyed what rubbish I had to say! 😀

  2. Dibbly 8 years ago

    Hyde, fab show! Thoroughly enjoyed it and meeting you. We hope to see you soon in Northampton! Btw, in case you were wondering, neither of you guys had a winning raffle ticket so better luck next time!!! 😉

    1. Hyde Panaser 7 years ago

      sorry for the late reply!

      Dammit! i was counting on winning that raffle! was great to meet and glad you enjoyed the show… Yes, Northampton, make it happen! 😀

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