Having a beard tends to have a fair few advantages. I’ve found over the course of the last few months that my facial hair has become topic of conversation! I tend to stroke while I sit and think about life’s wonderful journey we all embark on.

Now I love having a beard, but some people tend to think it’s open shop for them to come up and place their hands firmly into the hair and remark “ooooh that’s softer than I thought it would be!” As much as I’m up for swapping stories of my beard beauty regime, there is a beard etiquette which I will have to post about later. This post is to do with another close quarters activity – HUGGING!!

1st February 2013 sees an international first (I think) unofficial official day to hug a Singh! I for one am up for that, although I do think it should be everyday, at least thats what I tell myself each morning as I give myself a squeeze (get your mind out the gutter!). Below are the details and rules, so lets get this going, give me a shout I should be available!

NOTE: As an added rule (this is just mine) – Any guy wanting to hug me gets a 2.4 seconds limit and more and I’ll have to shower! Anyone (men or women) with facial hair need to point their face the other way as we don’t want a beard entanglement moment.