Its that time of year again where the men (mostly) declare their undying (until the new COD comes out) love to their amour! So hopefully you have saved enough for the present, the flowers, the dinner, the “entertainment”, the expectations and the “making up for the disappointment you’ve caused her”. Did you stop to think about your beauty regime?! Fikkar not, I am on hand to let you know about what I have learnt over the last few months about keeping a beard. I’m ANTI-VALETINES, not because I am single, I just think it should be done everyday, plus I have 99 problems, but my beard is not one!

I have spent countless amount of money on hair controlling and even more hours trying to get it to stay. Now, I have very curly hair, some may call it an Afro. So when I decided to let my beard grow out, you can imagine what might have happened – I now currently have a baby Don King on my face, first thing in the morning!

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 14.09.42

Thankfully I have an arsenal of products as you can see to help me combat the problem… It may even save your life! To some of you, it may seem like I am sponsored by VO5, but I think their marketing sucks me in, clearly! Some of you might be thinking, “why does he need so many hair products? he wraps that up!” You might see hair product, I see, Beard Relaxant!

Trust me when I say this, I have used each of those products (no, not all at the same time!) and my conclusion so far is, the Tony & Guy conditioner with the Silhouette Hair Spray seems to be working! There is another hairspray I have been meaning to use and that is this *cue dramatic music*



I’m gonna level with you, this bottle design scared the crap out of me!! It looks like a radioactive foghorn, I didn’t know what was gonna come out if I pressed the cap! So I’m holding out on using this at the minute, who could blame me?!

However, if you are looking for a last minute beard fixing then I can help you out… Since I won’t be on a Valentine date, I can help YOU, so you can concentrate on the Dinner, the Date and the Disappointment!

For £10 I can spray your beard

For £20 I’ll fluff it up and spray it

For £30 I can spray, fluff and shape your beard

£50 gets you a spray, a fluff, a shape and a half-time touch-up (just the beard!) in the toilets of your restaurant choice, if you are taking her to MacDonalds then I can do a drive through deal for you!

£60 gets you all of the above and I’ll take a photo for you and tag it on Facebook. Don’t forget, this offer is open to the ladies too!

Help is always here! Enjoy your Valentines, whatever you may be doing.