The first post of 2012 and it doesn’t really look any different from the others. Hope everyone out there had fun with whatever or whoever you were doing! It was a funny ol’ 2011, the year seemed to slip past with not so much of an eventful happening. Then the last part of the year was a bit hectic, what with being a best man and becoming an uncle (man i feel old!).

Then in the last month (that’s December, for those of you who are wondering) of 2011 that breath of fresh air hit me… I’m not going to tell quite what it was yet, but I am hopeful of it. For now, I wish you all a happy new year, even if I don’t see you very often its still a pleasure to know you. A special shout to my haters as always… Thanks for the motivation.

I promise you all I will bring you more funnies this 2012… Unless we’re all gonna die then I’m gonna get my freak on!